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Lubrication Stations

Our automatic lubrication stations are the key to precise lubrication application accuracy and efficiency. Each station is designed to easily fit into your existing conveyor system. Specialized components are available to meet specific process requirements.

Lubrication Stations are available for every need:


Enclosed Track

Enclosed Track, Power & Free

bulletAnd Many More!

Conveyor Lubrication Stations

Applications Monorail, Enclosed Track, Powder & Free, Pipe, Drive Chain, In-Floor, Inverted, Chain-on-Edge, Slat Conveyor, Roller Chain, Custom Applications Available
Lube Points Load Bearings, Guide Bearings& Rollers, Chain Pins, Wear plates, Reciprocating Machine Parts, and all points where friction exists
Lubricating Station 24" conveyor section machined to each specification with sensors, solenoid valves, and ejector tubes pre-mounted
Electrical 24 VDC (Sensors & Solenoid Valves - power provided by Central Control Supply Unit)

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