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Chain & Track Cleaners

Our line of conveyor chain and track cleaning equipment will help to maintain clean operation throughout your entire material handling system. Dirt, dust, and overspray are removed before they have a chance to cause additional wear or costly reworks to your finished products.

Products are available for most types of conveyors:

Whanger Banger™

Enclosed Track Chain & Track Cleaners

I-Beam Sweeps

Conveyor Cleaning Equipment
Product Description
Whanger Banger™ Unique system cleans away accumulated contaminants, including areas that cannot be reached by brushes.

Pneumatic cylinder with 2" striker tip

Electronically controlled for a wide range of operating speeds

One or more cleaning stations can be operated from a central control panel

Plugs into 110 VAC

Chain Cleaning Brushes Replaceable Nylon brushes

Adjustable mounting brackets

Track Cleaning Brushes Eliminates particle build-up and helps prevent fall-out that cause system downtime and costly rework

Replaceable non-sparking bronze and SST brushes

Adjustable mounting brackets

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